Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Still Do

Like most girls, when I met my husband I had a list. You know "the list" that every girl hides in her secret place and takes out at night just before going to bed. Yup, I had one too. Funny thing is my husband didn't meet every criteria on my list. Believe it or not, there were a few things He just didn't measure up to. Now that I think about it, I don't remember it being a major melt-down kind of disappointment. Sure this guy I dated for a few months wasn't perfect; neither was I. I secretly wondered if I met all the criteria on his list. Do guys have lists? You better believe it! Anyway, back to my list...after 32 years of marriage (we'll be married 33 years come May 26th), I realize that if he would have had the traits I thought I wanted in a man, it would have been a sure road to disaster in our marriage. I put some things on my list that were just too much like me. I really didn't want someone like me! Heaven forbid! We would have KILLED each other! I'm so glad that my forever Valentine is pretty much the opposite of me. We balance each other out. My weakness is camouflaged by his strengths; and my strengths are appreciated in the face of his weaknesses. Did I think I would find someone perfect? If so, I certainly wouldn't have put some of my traits on that list.

So a little advice to you girls out there that are still looking for your special Valentine; pull that list out and mark off anything that looks remotely like you...better yet figure out the opposite of that trait and you will find someone that will fit your needs better. So, Happy Valentine hunting!

"You'll find the right one if you let God do the choosing" - Quoted from Debbie Saiz

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Jacqi Stevens said...

So sweet, Gayla! Thanks for posting on facebook and letting everyone know about your blog. You have some great articles here!