Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tribute to Daddy


You are such a dear to me
I’ve never been without you.
You were there at my first step
Cheering me on with laughter.

You are the one who taught me
To hold my first guitar.
You placed my fingers on the strings,
Oh how the music came alive!
You’re the one who answered me
When I asked about the birds and bees
And smiled rather coyly
When Mama said,
“She asked you.”

You showed me how to climb that mountain
Called the Ross Park slide
And took me to the theme park there
To let me ride the rides.
I never felt deprived
Or poorer than other folks,
When pastoring a small church
In southern Idaho.
A pastor’s kid I cherished
Because of your great attitude,
Your love and devotion to the ministry
Made me want to live like you.

Now years have passed and time has stolen
Your beautiful dark brown hair,
But white sure does become you
Your as handsome to me as ever.

My thoughts are fond as I now ponder
Growing older I can see
The blessing of a Godly father
Lasts through eternity.

Lovingly written by
Gayla M. Baughman
on her celebration of her father’s 50th Father’s Day.
June 13, 2005

Saturday, May 06, 2006