Monday, February 02, 2015

Love's Quest

Love was on a Quest to find me—
            And it did.
It first found me in my Mom and Dad. I don’t remember the first time I laid eyes on my parents. I do remember the many family outings to the park; the Sunday dinners and special Friday nights at a local drive inn. Memories that spell L-O-V-E. Love’s quest had begun…

            Not long after my discovery of my parents, a little sister came along – Jolene
She was a treasure and soon became my best friend. We played together, had disagreements, kissed and made up. We shared the same room, she got my hand-me-down clothes; and I was rewarded with her love and respect as we grew older. Love began a work in me. I was learning how to love, sharing the most tender part of my heart with someone else besides myself.

            Then we were joined by Tamra. She was the cutest little thing – with a tuft of coal-black hair to match big, brown, beautiful eyes. This little sister became the baby, and we all adored her. She rewarded our “cooings,” and “booings,” with charming smiles and giggles.

            Love found me once again when my baby brother came into my life. He was like a real-to-life baby doll. And I thought he was mine! (I still do!) A bundle of life and energy evaded our all-girl sibling committee. He was quite an education for us girls. Barely old enough to take care of myself, I claimed parenting to this human doll. He was my pride and joy and of course he turned out so good because I take all the credit for raising him.

            For many years love continued to pursue me with determination. Ignorantly, I would hide and seek love, running from it and then wonder where it had gone. At times I would fling it from me and other times cling to it. Sibling rivalry would cloud the essence of love, but emergencies would make it clear again. Finally love taught me that it can survive in the toughest of times. I committed to let love be my teacher.

            Love embraced me once again when I met my one true love – Terry Baughman
I thought love’s quest was complete; How could I love someone more? This was the essence of love. Still, love kept me in its boarding school. I had more to learn, and Love had something more to teach. It was on a quest to prove that love does not divide. It multiplies.

            Then, my first-born daughter, Marenda came barreling into my heart –
She was my joy….my little sunshine every day! I loved her immensely and yet, strange as it was did not diminish my love for my husband. How could this be? How could I have more love in my heart when I thought it was full?
            Love just smiled…..more teaching was to come.
                        And more loving was to be done.      
My son stole my heart when he was born—
                        My little Terry Robert the miniature little man that wrapped his arms around my neck and love around my heart.

Now love reaches for me again through those my children love –

            My son-in-law, Steven, is a joy to my heart.
            He is so good to my little girl. I know he will take good care of her. I love him like my own son. That was easy….love smiled; I am learning.

            Then Love bombarded my heart with two little granddaughters. I thought my heart would burst, but it didn’t, it just expanded. With each passing day I think, I can’t love any more. I’m so full I shall run over with this explosion of feeling every day. Every time I see them, hold them, or hear them say, “Gammy, I wuv you so much.” My heart is packed full.
            But is it?

            The older I become, the more I realize the value of loving. Giving myself in love is a gift. Not only to the recipient, but to myself. I am the one who gleans the reaping of love whether it is returned or not, for to love is to share myself with someone else. As I give, I receive. I receive more room to give….a refillable hole, if you may. A vast chasm filled with caring that refills with the act of loving.
            I realize that God is love. If I house his spirit in me, I will naturally house his love. There is now no more question. I have no reservations of loving. All the risks of loving others are outweighed by the dividends of love freely given.

In that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
              The teacher of love;
                                     The essence of love;

                                                             The ultimate example of love.