Friday, May 29, 2015

Tommy and Cindy

Tommy was nine years old. Ever since he moved next door to Cindy he was in love. He watched her from the front porch when she pushed “Bunny” around in a stroller. He always sat as close to her as possible and stared at the back of her head in Sunday School class. He wrote her name on the inside cover of his favorite “Spiderman” notebook. 

The years flew by as Tommy secretly admired the beautiful Cindy. After many failed attempts to talk to Cindy, he finally mustered up the courage to ask her to the Valentine’s banquet. He stammered and stuttered but he finally got the invitation out. Cindy looked at Tommy with soft brown eyes and said, “I’m so sorry Tommy, but Allen already asked me. Maybe another time?” Tommy was bitterly disappointed and excited at the same time. Did she say another time? 

Graduation day rolled around and Tommy again approached Cindy. Would she come to his graduation party with him? To make a long story short, she said yes and they had a great time. That began a beautiful relationship of love and devotion. Cindy and Tommy eventually got married, had four children and loved each other faithfully for many years. 

On their 50th wedding anniversary, Tommy shared the years of personal pain that preceded his first encounter with Cindy. Cindy was aghast. She always wondered why Tommy waited so long. She liked him the moment he moved in next door. Tommy confessed he loved her from that moment too. She put her wrinkled hand on his and with fading brown eyes said lovingly,   “Tommy, I’m so thankful that you let love give you courage. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss you for the world!” Tommy smiled. Yes, it was his love for Cindy that gave him the determination to make her his own and the prize was worth every failed attempt.