Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My husband and I were attending a General Conference for our church in Columbus, Ohio. We chose to stay in a nice older hotel a small distance from the convention center to save a little money. The lobby was small but clean and inviting. The elevator doors were right off the lobby, easy to see at first sight. As I have been taught the many years of traveling, you must make the trip from your car to your room in one trip. So, with this uncompromised teaching fresh in my mind, my husband and I were both trying to maneuver two rolling suitcases, a hanging clothes bag, a snack sack, and a cooler not to mention my purse and computer case into the elevator. My husband was a gentleman and allowed me to step into the elevator first. We were headed to the eleventh floor. The elevator ascended quite slowly so we had plenty of time to discuss our schedule for the next two years (not really, but it was very slow). It was an old elevator and we barely fit with our luggage. When I heard the “ding” letting me know we had finally approached our floor, I worked feverishly trying to get my luggage behind me so I could pull it out the door. I looked up just as I saw my husband’s "hinder parts" leaving the elevator and the doors closing with me still in it. I don’t know what came over me. I guess I panicked. I began to  scream and punch the 11 button to no avail. As I jumped up and down and said “eleven, eleven, eleven!” nothing happened except I proceeded to be thrust at a very slow speed to the lobby floor. By the time I was safely delivered to the lobby floor the door opened (which I discovered at that time was quite fast), and a lobby full of people looking at me, I waved, and waited for the doors to shut again so I could take the long journey to the eleventh floor for the second time.
            Now un-be-known to me, my husband met the maid on his way to our room. He just commented “she'll be along in a minute” and snickering went to the room, shut the door and waited. Sure enough, several minutes later, I appear on the eleventh floor at last. As I pass the maid she asked, “your husband said you’d be along. Your room is right down the hall.” As I maneuvered my 15 bags past her (exaggeration), I heard her laughing. I made her day, not to mention my ROLF (rolling on the floor laughing) husband securely snug in our room!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Open Letter

When you were born, you were such a beautiful baby. Now, you are a beautiful mother, minister, and woman of great faith. I'm proud to have you in my life sweet daughter. I will love you forever and pray that this dark time in your life will pass with great victory. May this day be a hallmark for a brighter future and may God grant your greatest wish today, a well, healthy husband. Steven is blessed to have you too! We love you both, but today is yours! Love you Marenda!
Love, Mom