Monday, June 25, 2007

Dedication Dress

Madison was dedicated in the dress her Mommy was dedicated in 25 years ago. She was also dedicated being held in the blanket her Daddy was dedicated in 27 years ago. What a beautiful heritage. Her parents were dedicated to God and now she is given the same gift. We are so proud of her and her parents!!!

More about Madison

I hope you are not getting tired of hearing about Madison...but I'm not tired of bragging yet. Here is a cute little picture of her just before going to church.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Madison's Birth Day!

Click HERE for more pictures of Madison's BirthDay!

Baby Sullivan

I can't sleep. I'm up at 5:00 a.m. the day after. Let me tell you about it:

The sun was up early yesterday. It seemed anxious to shine on the western desert, warming our day for the welcome celebration of our first grandbaby. Somehow words are illusive when I try to express the anticipated, not so patient, waiting for her to come. Ten days early, she decided to prove many of us wrong and stay with her little head nestled against her mommy's heart!

Surgery was scheduled for our little breech baby, June 1st, 2007 at 7:30 a.m.

We met the sun with anticipated excitement, took pictures as the new-to-be Daddy and Mommy left to go to the hospital. The doctors told us to wait until later because they would not allow us to go in before surgery (which was NOT true, but that is another story! and I'm NOT I'm not, no I'm not).

I couldn't contain myself. A naturally curly smile pasted itself on my face and I have not been able to control it'll see.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. The family filled the waiting room which was a first for this little private hospital in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Great Grandma, and Grandpa were there, Aunts Uncles, Cousins and best friends crowded the small room. We chatted, laughed, (I smiled), watched the door and kept our phones close for any texting from the new Daddy who was with the new Mommy.

Suddenly, my son-in-law (Daddy to be) showed up at the door! "Want to see her?" What a silly question....he was now a Daddy and looked like he was about to jump on the roof and announce it to the world! We, being a polite family, kept him from ruining his reputation as an easy going, quiet man (are we talking about the same man here?)

We all bombarded the door. Thankfully we are a very polite family, so everyone stood back as I propelled myself across the floor, shoving cousins against the wall, stepping on Great Grandma and Grandpa's feet, and slamming others against the door jam. Never, never, never, stand between a grandmother's first view of her first grandbaby! It can be very dangerous. Ask my very polite family...they will tell the truth!

Seriously, I ran into the hall. There in the middle of the hallway was the most beautiful, most elegant, most terribly upset baby girl I have ever seen. She had her mouth wide open, her eyes clinched shut, and was mustering up the loudest most aggressive protest to this cold, noisy world with a million eyes peering down at her through the clear glass of her new "square" womb. What a rude entrance to a new world!

Honestly, she is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. How can this be? I had two of the most beautiful babies over twenty years this one takes the cake! She is gorgeous! Her little round head is perfect with a soft crop of dark brown hair. She doesn't cry that the initial shock of entering this cold world is over. She has little hands, little feet (well, that is debatable), but they look little to me, and beautiful eyes that melt this grandma's heart!

Keep posted...there's more to come. As soon as the sleepy Grandpa wakes up, I'll post some pictures...he has the camra in the bedroom charging up for more pics today! Woohoo!

Madison Nevaeh Sullivan

First born of Steven & Marenda
June 1st @ 8:24am
8lbs - 20 1/2 inches

Pictures coming soon!

Grandbaby has come!

Dear friends, world, universe!

I didn't know it would feel this way.
I didn't have a clue!
I cried when I laid eyes on her
I tell you what is true.

She inspires me to write
She inspires me to sing,
She wriggled down inside my heart
The deepest part of me.

Upsprang joy and laughter
Upsprang care caressed
Upsprang the deepest love
For this little princess.

Yes, I'm singing loud
Yes I dance around!
Yes, I'm trying to express that
I'm a Grandma Now!!!