Monday, May 19, 2008

Hang Loose!

As a college professor, I try to keep a good relationship with my students. Culminating another wonderful year, our choir sang some beautiful songs at the graduation last Saturday. At the end of a very beautiful piece, I stood up to face the choir behind me. I wanted to let them know what a great job they did and how much I loved them. I used some common sign language to get my message across without distracting the audience. My first “sign” went quite well, I might mention. I gave them the common “thumbs up” sign and mouthed “awesome job” with a big smile. Then I attempted to give them the more difficult “I love you” sign. As I stood there facing them in full regalia, yes, cap, gown, tassel and bachelor hood, this fifty+ professor of Social Etiquette, gleefully waved the Hawaiian “hang loose” sign. When I realized I was waving the wrong sign, it was too late; the choir was laughing out loud and I was as red and the velvet stripe on my hood. What a day.