Friday, November 04, 2005


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my internet server at home. I can’t use my wireless on my computer…..I have to go over and unplug the router from the wall before my cable will detect a signal and let me connect through the land line……I’m just not connecting! It is very frustrating.

Have you ever felt disconnected?

Have you walked into a room full of people and felt alone? You didn’t know anyone. You scan the crowd for one friend but alas….not one face looks familiar? It is a miserable feeling to feel like an outsider.

Sometimes we just need one contact or one connection to make us feel a part. Don’t you hate these parties where you are forced to sit at a table with strangers? I’m very outgoing, but I hate them too….I make friends with strangers on my turf…know what I mean?
If one person reaches out to you it makes all the difference in the world! Suddenly you see one familiar face! That familiar face immediately becomes your valued friend….why? Because compared to all the other people in the room, this is the only person you know (even a little). But that little is a lot when compared to the others.

The friendship connection begins with just a small common denominator. Perhaps it was a common home town, or you both were the oldest child. Perhaps it was someone you both knew back when…..perhaps you both have teen-age children. Whatever the denominator, you are now connected!

Don’t wait for someone else to be the initiator. Look for that common denominator at the next party you go to. Be the connection that someone else needs to feel a part of the excitement of the evening. You never know when you have made a life long friend just by taking one moment and making a connection.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just Wanted You To Know

Just wanted you to know
Whenever you’re in need
That wherever you may go
You have a friend in me
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Thought I needed to tell you so
After thinking it all out
Just wanted you to know
by: Gayla M. Baughman

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life Goes On

Don't you wonder why
The birds still fly so high.
When things aren't going well
And you wish that you could die?
The morning comes, the sun still shines
And the moon shows up right on time
They don't seem to know
That tears are in your soul
And life just goes on.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


We are going to spend a few days in San Diego for our Anniversary. Every year I think, well, we'll probably just stay home and hang out around the house this year. The children are gone, we are alone all the time anyway....what's the big deal?

Well, I will tell you the big deal. After 26 years of marriage, my husband has somehow found the key to make me know I am valuable to him. Yes, we spend hours in our living room alone together, but when it comes to a special day like our anniversary, he goes on-line, finds a great hotel room in a wonderful location and we whisk off together like newly weds! Now you wonder why I love him so much to stay with him for 26 years? I will be honest with you....when we are 95 years old, we will still find fresh wonderful things to share with each other; not because we have to, but because we enjoy sharing everything with each other. We value each other's time, we value each other's opinion, and we value each other's friendship. Wow....I just love being married to my best friend. Check out the pictures of us below! See you in San Diego!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Today was graduation.

This is a time of mixed emotion for me. I have now been at Christian Life College long enough to see seven Freshman classes evolve to Seniors. This year was the most difficult. I felt like I was hugging and telling my children goodby.

In the past four years the students that proudly walked across the front of the auditorium to receive their diplomas, have managed to wrapped themselves thightly around my heart. My heart breaks thinking many of them will go their way and forget this old teacher that has ripped a part of my heart out and given it to them.

I remember one young lady sitting in my office pouring her heart out over a disappointed relationship. I ponder the emotional conversation with a young man about some struggles in his personal goals. I looked a student in the eye today that struggled with academics, but persevered and made it; I just had to hug him! I really love these kids......and I'm as proud as a mother hen.....

If you are reading this and you graduated today, or will next week, or did last week please remember something. As you pursue your exciting career, rush off to see the world, or just settle back into a comfortable routine, take a moment to thank those who have invested themselves in you.

Later in the evening I sit in my easy chair reminiscing the gifts of words I received today from some very special graduates. Their words are like neatly wrapped packages with ribbon tucked in my heart. Every "Thank-you," "I appreciate all you've done," and "I love you," is a boxed treasure in the deepest corner. Thank you class of 2005 for letting me be a part of your and in the future.
I love you!
Sister B

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hooked on Spanish

I was asked to speak at a Spanish ladies conference in Pittsburg California. I was honored to have been asked although I was a little nervous because I don’t know any Spanish. Just as the meeting was starting, my translator, a young Puerto Rican woman wanted to go over my notes with me to make sure there were no words that would catch her off guard. This made me a little late arriving on stage.
When I got up to speak I felt it necessary to let the ladies know that I had not been late on purpose, but had a very legitimate excuse, so I apologetically said that I was not playing hooky. You could hear a pin drop. Silence swept over the crowd. I looked at my translator and she was staring wide-eyed at me. I knew she could not think of a word for hooky and I couldn’t think of another one either, so I just repeated myself to her a little louder. Motioning to her and me, I said, “we, you and I were not playing hooky.” The pastor’s wife came to our rescue and provided my translator with an appropriate Spanish word so we could go on with the evening.
Afterward, my translator said, “Oh Sister Baughman, you gave me such a fright tonight! I thought you said you were not a hooker! And I was not sure where you were going with that. Then you looked at me and said I was not a hooker either. I knew I was not one! I didn’t know what to say until the pastor’s wife came to my rescue and said we were not trying to be late!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

What I learned at Weight Watchers

“I don’t want to go through life a comma or a period. I want to be an exclamation mark!”

Seventeen Words That Will Never Fail You