Friday, November 04, 2005


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my internet server at home. I can’t use my wireless on my computer…..I have to go over and unplug the router from the wall before my cable will detect a signal and let me connect through the land line……I’m just not connecting! It is very frustrating.

Have you ever felt disconnected?

Have you walked into a room full of people and felt alone? You didn’t know anyone. You scan the crowd for one friend but alas….not one face looks familiar? It is a miserable feeling to feel like an outsider.

Sometimes we just need one contact or one connection to make us feel a part. Don’t you hate these parties where you are forced to sit at a table with strangers? I’m very outgoing, but I hate them too….I make friends with strangers on my turf…know what I mean?
If one person reaches out to you it makes all the difference in the world! Suddenly you see one familiar face! That familiar face immediately becomes your valued friend….why? Because compared to all the other people in the room, this is the only person you know (even a little). But that little is a lot when compared to the others.

The friendship connection begins with just a small common denominator. Perhaps it was a common home town, or you both were the oldest child. Perhaps it was someone you both knew back when…..perhaps you both have teen-age children. Whatever the denominator, you are now connected!

Don’t wait for someone else to be the initiator. Look for that common denominator at the next party you go to. Be the connection that someone else needs to feel a part of the excitement of the evening. You never know when you have made a life long friend just by taking one moment and making a connection.