Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cut The Onions

When we lived in California, my husband and I would often go to this little Mexican fast-food restaurant close to where we worked. Although the people running the establishment spoke broken English, we managed to order and sit down to a very tasty burrito! All the food there came with raw onions and I detest onions…so one day I ordered my own and asked them to please, “cut the onions."

When I got my burrito, to my dismay, I not only found onions, but there were more than ever on my burrito!  As I inspected my desecrated dinner I could see that these onions were not only in great supply, they were also diced up in tiny pieces which made them impossible to pick off. I don't have to tell you how aggravated I was after making my preferences very clear when ordering. 

I marched back up to the counter to voice my complaint. The sweet little lady behind the counter gave me a very confused look.  “I am veery sorry ma'am, but you said to cut the onions so that is what we did.” So I guess she added extra to make it even better. LOL!

When I explained that I meant to delete the onions, no onions, nada onions, she was very gracious and made me another very delicious burrito with no onions in sight. I thanked her very sheepishly and vowed to remember how to order my burrito with no onions next time.