Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wait Until Christmas

I’ve always hated those words.
Wait for presents
Wait for decorations
Wait for candy and sweets.
One Christmas my sister and I wanted some “cricket” shoes. They were the most popular thing for girls our age. We couldn’t wait until Christmas. One day after school we were admiring the beautifully decorated silver tree. A color ball, discretely hidden in the corner threw a prism of different colors on the tree. The silver tree reflected a rainbow into the room. Then our eyes fell on some packages that looked about the size of a shoe box with our names on them. We carefully unwrapped them, making sure not to tear the colorful wrapping paper. Viola! There were our shoes! The smell of fresh leather, the slick new brown finish made an unforgettable memory. I was so excited. Then it dawned on me. I now know what I’m getting for Christmas. This wasn’t fun anymore. The excitement was gone and now we had to figure out how to “act like” we didn’t know when the day to open presents came along. Needless to say, we never fooled Mama one minute. When we opened the shoes, she knew we knew. The disappointment on her face will forever haunt me. I stole her happiness as well as my own. When someone wants to surprise me now, I make a decisive effort not to spoil their joy. I’ve learned that curiosity not only kills the cat, but can also leave others hurting.

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