Friday, August 15, 2008

I Can't

Would you believe that my granddaughter is talking? She is now 14 months old, walking with the help of anyone's fingers nestled in those two little chubby hands. She could let go and walk, but has beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt let us know that she can't. That's right...clearly said and frustrated to the limit she cried, "I can't." The tears flowed and we all responded with amazement.

Is "I can't," going to be the first words of this little amazing creation? At first I thought so, but as I look over the family videos and DVD "papa" made, I hear some other wonderful phrases clearly from this little wonder kid. "Love you," "Okay," "Bye," are all a part of her vocabulary, not to mention she has mastered the majic of signing "please," "eat," and "more plesase." So, I'm breating a little easier now that I have figured out "I can't" is NOT her first words.

What does a child have to look forward to if "I can't" is her first words? Do we spend a lifetime convincing her she can? Do we ignore the cry of the little giver uper? No, we just laugh and go on. Literally, we just laughed. Well, at first we were amazed that she said it. Coming from a very positive mother and father, I couldn't imagine where she could have picked it up...but she did and in her short 14 months of life she put it together and knew what it meant.

Alas, there will come times in her life that she will cry, "I can't." But we will be there, encouraging her to take another step, telling her to try again, brush herself off and face the world. We will be there to help her understand that of course she can't. She can't do anything without the help of God. We will be there to remind her that when she feels she is not able to do something, her trust is not in her own ability, it is God's ability to empower her. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I can't wait to hear her quote that verse.

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