Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Favorite

One year old and living life to the fullest! This picture just had to be posted. It is my new favorite! Isn't she a scream? She has just enough hair to put into ponytails...and the shades just kill me! I love 'em! This kid is more fun than a barrel of monkeys (of course, I've never been in a barrel with monkeys...but I have been in a car with my grandbaby). You should hear her laugh. It is contagious! Ha Ha. See what I mean? Ha Ha!


Sullivan's said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture! In the past week, when my day has been long and stressful - and I need a "pick-me-up" to bring a warm fuzzy feeling into my heart, I have been clicking on this picture. I am so honored to share this precious, darling, special baby girl with you! Our kids do good work! :D

Love ya,

Jana Allard said...

As cute as she is, why am I seeing her grandpa in her?!?!? LOL
THIS picture should be in a magazine.

iluv2prshim said...

A SCREAM indeed. LOL Too cute!