Friday, February 16, 2007

Afternoon Tea

I had a wonderful afternoon with a little friend of mine. Her name is Hannah and we had tea at my house, just Hannah, her mama and me. It was wonderful! We enjoyed being together because she used to come to my church. Now her family have started a new church in Livermore and it is doing great...only I really miss her sometimes. So we spent the afternoon together and it was wonderful. Thanks Hannah for coming to tea, and bringing your mom along!


Anonymous said...

The Youngs have really cute kids. Glad you got to have a nice tea party with your little friend. Are you ready to party next week at Ladies' Conference?

Kassie said...

Hello Sis. Baughman! I saw a link to your blog on Sheree Bean's blog (she's my friend and my sister's niece). Just thought I would say hello and hope all is well. Congrats on becoming a grandma in the near future! :)