Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Baby Girl

This may seem strange to you...if so, you are not a grandma! Ha! I always knew I would whip out my pictures of my grandchildren, when I finally had some. Well, now I am going to have one and I want you to see her picture. We call her Baby Love. She looks like she is going to have her Mama's nose...which in loving retrospect is just like her great great grandma on her mama's side. The legacy lives on! I'm amazed how God does this! Isn't it a miracle...the miracle of life. Thank you God for your magnificence!


Anonymous said...

Ultra sounds are so neat, giving you a glimpse into the new life that God is creating. Thanks for sharing your grandbaby's first picture.


Linda Elms said...

Congratulations! There is nothing like being a grandmother! Wendell and I have 4 GRAND-DAUGHTERS and it is just wonderful! (our 4th one is only 15 days old) After having 2 sons, and no girls, and Wendell having only "brothers", we were ready for girls. I know you'll have so much fun.

Jana Allard said...

How exciting! I loved having ultrasounds and watching the baby move. When is the due date? Keep us posted. So happy for you!

Gayla M. Baughman said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm just so excited about my new Grandbaby. There's just nothing like it!