Saturday, May 14, 2005


Today was graduation.

This is a time of mixed emotion for me. I have now been at Christian Life College long enough to see seven Freshman classes evolve to Seniors. This year was the most difficult. I felt like I was hugging and telling my children goodby.

In the past four years the students that proudly walked across the front of the auditorium to receive their diplomas, have managed to wrapped themselves thightly around my heart. My heart breaks thinking many of them will go their way and forget this old teacher that has ripped a part of my heart out and given it to them.

I remember one young lady sitting in my office pouring her heart out over a disappointed relationship. I ponder the emotional conversation with a young man about some struggles in his personal goals. I looked a student in the eye today that struggled with academics, but persevered and made it; I just had to hug him! I really love these kids......and I'm as proud as a mother hen.....

If you are reading this and you graduated today, or will next week, or did last week please remember something. As you pursue your exciting career, rush off to see the world, or just settle back into a comfortable routine, take a moment to thank those who have invested themselves in you.

Later in the evening I sit in my easy chair reminiscing the gifts of words I received today from some very special graduates. Their words are like neatly wrapped packages with ribbon tucked in my heart. Every "Thank-you," "I appreciate all you've done," and "I love you," is a boxed treasure in the deepest corner. Thank you class of 2005 for letting me be a part of your and in the future.
I love you!
Sister B

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